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Taslan Fabric PU Coated Waterproof Polyester Fabric For Pants 185T PU Coated

Basic Information
Place of Origin: ZheJiang,China
Brand Name: Jiaxing Texson Textile Co., Ltd.
Certification: ISO-9001
Model Number: taslon fabric
Minimum Order Quantity: 2000M
Price: 0.85USD/M
Packaging Details: 25~50M/roll or customize
Delivery Time: 15-20days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 300000M/Month
Detail Information
Material: Taslon Type: Taslan Fabric
Item: Taslan Fabric Usage: Outdoor Clothing, Sportswear, Raincoats, Jackets
Color: Various Colors Available Coating: PU
Use: Garment,Trousers,pants Spec: 185T
High Light:

185T Waterproof Polyester Fabric


PU coated Waterproof Polyester Fabric


Waterproof Polyester Fabric For Pants

Product Description

Product Description:

Taslon Fabric Features

Durability: One of the significant advantages of Taslon fabric is its exceptional resistance to washing. It maintains its color and shape exceptionally well, even after repeated laundering, making it an ideal choice for garments intended for long-term use. This durability ensures that clothing made from Taslon retains its quality and appearance over time.

Comfort: In addition to its durability, Taslon fabric offers a soft and comfy feel, enhancing its close-fitting qualities. It interacts gently against the skin, promoting a comfortable wearing experience. This comfort factor is why Taslon is favored for clothing items that are worn frequently and require a gentle touch.

Aesthetic Appeal of Taslon Fabric

Visual Quality: The aesthetic of Taslon fabric is visually appealing, possessing a lustrous finish that exudes both beauty and sophistication. Garments created from this fabric often appear chic and fashionable due to its high-quality sheen.

Variety: Taslon fabric comes in various styles, including jacquard and full-dull finishes, each offering unique benefits and uses. Jacquard Taslon, with its intricate fabric structure, provides a distinctive jacquard pattern that lends creative flair and an edge over conventional Taslon fabric. On the other hand, full dull Taslon is characterized by its comfortable wearability, excellent heat retention, breathability, and affordability, making it an attractive option for the general consumer market.

Taslon Fabric Applications

Functional Finishing: Taslon fabric's potential extends beyond regular clothing, thanks to special treatments such as coating, which make it a prime candidate for outdoor textiles like hardshell jackets. The fabric's robustness against wear and its ability to resist wrinkling enhance its practicality for outdoor use.

Versatile Uses: Additionally, Taslon's versatility allows it to be employed in various decorative applications, ranging from sand release to curtains, throw pillows, and cushions. Its utility also extends to some industrial uses, including filters, tire cords, fishing nets, and sewing threads. This wide-ranging applicability showcases Taslon's adaptability to different market segments.

Market Reception

In conclusion, Taslon fabric is highly regarded within the market and among consumers for its superior qualities and extensive uses. Whether for casual wear or technical outdoor gear, Taslon stands out for its performance and comfort, making it a fabric of choice for diverse applications.

Taslan Fabric PU Coated Waterproof Polyester Fabric For Pants 185T PU Coated 0Taslan Fabric PU Coated Waterproof Polyester Fabric For Pants 185T PU Coated 1Taslan Fabric PU Coated Waterproof Polyester Fabric For Pants 185T PU Coated 2Taslan Fabric PU Coated Waterproof Polyester Fabric For Pants 185T PU Coated 3


Overview of Taslon Fabric Uses

Taslon fabric is renowned for its outstanding wear resistance, ease of maintenance due to its wrinkle resistance, and its vibrant sheen. These properties contribute to the fabric's extensive application across various sectors.

Clothing Industry Applications

The use of Taslon fabric is especially significant in the fashion sector. This versatile material is ideal for creating a range of garments, including men's and women's sportswear, leisurewear, children's attire, and school uniforms. Taslon fabric not only ensures comfort but also preserves the aesthetic appeal and longevity of garments. Furthermore, its waterproof and breathable characteristics make it a preferred fabric among outdoor apparel brands for producing gear for activities like hiking and camping.

Home Decor

Beyond clothing, Taslon fabric extends its usage to the realm of interior design. Utilized in crafting sand releases, curtains, throw pillows, and cushions, it brings an element of modernity and comfort to any living space. Its inclusion enhances the decorative aspects of homes, solidifying its status as a fabric that marries functionality with style.

Industrial Uses

The versatility of Taslon fabric does not stop at aesthetics; it extends its utility to industrial applications. It can be transformed into essential items such as filter cloth, tire cords, fishing nets, and durable sewing thread to meet a gamut of specialized requirements.


In conclusion, Taslon fabrics impress with their broad range of applications, surpassing the fashion industry and finding their place in home furnishings and even the industrial fabric market. The combination of exceptional features and multipurpose use cements Taslon fabric's position as a material with promising potential in the marketplace.



Brand Name: Jiaxing Texson Textile Co., Ltd.

Model Number: taslon fabric

Place of Origin: ZheJiang, China

Certification: ISO-9001

Minimum Order Quantity: 2000M

Price: 0.85USD/M

Packaging Details: 25~50M/roll or customize

Delivery Time: 15-20days

Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T

Supply Ability: 300000M/Month

Coating: PU

Type: Taslan Fabric

Style: Taslon


Shipment: By Sea, air, courier, truck Etc...

Discover the superior quality of taslon fabric from Jiaxing Texson Textile Co., Ltd., your reliable source for taslon fabric that meets the highest standards. Each taslon fabric roll is crafted with care in ZheJiang, China, and features a durable PU coating for enhanced performance. Don't miss out on this taslon fabric, perfect for a wide range of applications!


Support and Services:

The Polyester Taslan Fabric is a high-quality, durable material designed for a variety of applications. Our technical support and services team is dedicated to ensuring that you get the most out of our product. We provide comprehensive support for any technical queries you may have regarding the fabric's properties, care instructions, or suitability for specific uses. Additionally, we offer a range of services to assist with product selection, customization, and usage optimization. Please note that on-site services or consultations may be available upon request. Our goal is to provide exceptional support to help you achieve the best results with our Polyester Taslan Fabric.


Packing and Shipping:

Our Polyester Taslan Fabric is meticulously packaged to ensure its protection during transit. Each roll of fabric is carefully wrapped in a strong plastic bag to prevent any moisture or contaminants from compromising the material. The wrapped rolls are then placed in robust cartons designed to withstand the rigors of shipping. These cartons are sealed and labeled with all the necessary information, including the fabric type, quantity, and care instructions.

For shipping, we utilize trusted carriers to ensure your Polyester Taslan Fabric arrives in perfect condition. The cartons are loaded onto pallets, securely strapped, and shrink-wrapped to prevent any movement during transportation. We also offer tracking options so you can monitor your shipment's progress until it reaches your doorstep. Our packaging and shipping methods are tailored to preserve the quality of our fabrics and deliver them to you ready for use.



Q1: What is the brand name of the Polyester Taslan Fabric?

A1: The brand name of the Polyester Taslan Fabric is Jiaxing Texson Textile Co., Ltd.

Q2: What is the model number for this type of fabric?

A2: The model number for the Polyester Taslan Fabric is taslon fabric.

Q3: Where is the Polyester Taslan Fabric manufactured?

A3: The Polyester Taslan Fabric is manufactured in ZheJiang, China.

Q4: Does the Polyester Taslan Fabric have any certifications?

A4: Yes, the Polyester Taslan Fabric is certified with ISO-9001.

Q5: What is the minimum order quantity for this fabric?

A5: The minimum order quantity for the Polyester Taslan Fabric is 2000M.

Q6: How much does the Polyester Taslan Fabric cost per meter?

A6: The price of the Polyester Taslan Fabric is 0.85USD/M.

Q7: How is the fabric packaged for delivery?

A7: The packaging details for the Polyester Taslan Fabric are 25~50M/roll or it can be customized according to the customer's requirements.

Q8: What is the delivery time for an order of Polyester Taslan Fabric?

A8: The delivery time for the Polyester Taslan Fabric is 15-20 days.

Q9: What are the payment terms for purchasing this fabric?

A9: The payment terms for purchasing the Polyester Taslan Fabric are L/C, D/P, T/T.

Q10: What is the monthly supply ability for the Polyester Taslan Fabric?

A10: The supply ability for the Polyester Taslan Fabric is 300000M/Month.

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